Alert: U.S. Embassy Moving To Jerusalem

Dear Ramallah Family Member,

The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (AFRP) stands firmly against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the occupied city of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel in contravention of well-established international law for over 65 years and on the heels of U.N. Resolution 2334 in December 2016 declaring that Israel must […]

Alert: U.S. Embassy Moving To Jerusalem2018-01-11T11:18:40-05:00

Alice Dudum’s Generous Donation

We would like to extend our gratitude to Alice Dudum for her generous donation to the Federation of stock valued at over $14,000. This donation was made in memory of her late husband Manuel George Dudum.  These donations help fund our efforts in educating and supporting our members through Cultural Exchange Missions, Youth Events, Scholarships […]

Alice Dudum’s Generous Donation2017-11-28T12:18:16-05:00

Palestinian Ambassador’s Chicago Visit

Community members, including Deputy President George Habeeb, welcomed the Palestinian Ambassador, Dr. Husam Zomlot, to Chicago during his visit.  Dr. Zomlot gave a powerful lecture at the Chicago Council of National Affairs explaining to the audience that East Jerusalem will be the capital of the state of Palestine as a result of compromise and not […]

Palestinian Ambassador’s Chicago Visit2017-11-28T12:16:42-05:00

Annual Youth Summit in Washington D.C.

On November 4th, we hosted our annual Youth Summit in Washington D.C. We had an amazing turn out with 29 of our youth who visited their respective members of Congress and the State Department to discuss travel restrictions in and out of Ramallah.  The attendees also discussed ways in which the Federation can push towards […]

Annual Youth Summit in Washington D.C.2017-11-28T12:12:38-05:00

Update On Houston Hurricane Relief Efforts

We have completed Phase 2 of our Houston Hurricane Relief efforts—this included a $15,000 donation that was made to three charitable organizations to help those affected.  The three recipients were The Arabic Community Center, St. George Orthodox Church of Houston, and The International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).  We hope that our Houston members are on […]

Update On Houston Hurricane Relief Efforts2017-11-28T12:00:15-05:00

Zyara Cultural Program Trip

In October, the Federation, in collaboration with Taawon, Bank of Palestine, and United Palestinian Appeal, sent a group of individuals including academics, journalists, and people of faith to Palestine to participate in a cultural program known as Zyara. While overseas, the participants had the opportunity to engage in Palestinian culture and society first hand.  The […]

Zyara Cultural Program Trip2017-11-28T11:57:49-05:00

39th Annual Palestine Day

On October 8th, we celebrated our 39th Annual Palestine Day in San Francisco, California. We had an amazing day filled with Dabke performances, Stand-Up Comedy, Musical acts and a wonderful Fashion Show.  President Hanna Hanania presented awards to two very deserving leaders of our community; Afif Baba received an award honoring his commitment and hard […]

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Youth Summit 2017 Recap

The 3rd Annual Youth Summit was held in Washington, DC November 2-5. Around 30 young adults between the ages of 21-35 participated, making it the largest Youth Summit yet. President Hanna Hanania held a Club President’s Retreat and Board of Director’s meeting that weekend as well, which gave the youth an opportunity to mingle with […]

Youth Summit 2017 Recap2017-11-27T12:44:09-05:00

Tell Congress to Keep Palestinian Offices Open in Washington DC

The State Department and the Trump administration is threatening to shut down the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) General Delegation in Washington, DC.  The DOS claims that the PLO violated terms of its agreement with the US by calling for the INternational Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate potential international war crimes and crimes […]

Tell Congress to Keep Palestinian Offices Open in Washington DC2017-11-27T10:06:36-05:00

Reflections on AFRP Advocacy on Capitol Hill and at the State Department

On Friday, November 4, Federation President Hanna Hanania gathered together the Youth Summit, the AFRP Executive Committee and Federation Board Members on Capitol Hill and at the State Department to represent the AFRP and Palestinian interests in the pursuit of justice. In addition, we were warmly welcomed by the PLO Delegation to the United States […]

Reflections on AFRP Advocacy on Capitol Hill and at the State Department2017-11-27T12:52:34-05:00