The Azeez Shaheen Charitable Trust, named after one of Ramallah, Palestine’s most respected and favored sons, Mr. Azeez Shaheen, has once again provided funds to various charities throughout Ramallah and the West Bank.

Formed in 1966, the Charitable Trust was created with the intention of helping various charities fulfill their missions, said one of Mr. Shaheen’s sons, Mr. Shouky A. Shaheen of Atlanta, Georgia, and trustee of the Charitable Trust.

According to the younger Mr. Shaheen, his father’s objective through his benevolence was to ensure Ramallah’s growth and the sustainability of her citizens. “It was my father’s request that the funds be used for buildings and improvements, rather than for administrative and salaries,” said Mr. Shouky Shaheen.

Over the years, the benefactors of the Trust have included The Azeez Shaheen Building for Humanities at Birzeit University, as well as a medical clinic and other departments; the senior Mr. Shaheen’s grade school, the Friends Boy s and Girls School; the Ramallah Hospital and the Palestinian Medical Complex; churches and religious orders, civic organizations, and others including U.S.-based institutions.

This year, per instructions of his father, Mr. Shouky Shaheen announced the Trust would be terminated after contributions were distributed with the remaining principal divided among this year’s recipients: Abu Dis Aged Home; Birzeit University Fund; Boy Scouts Ramallah; El Nahda Women Society of Ramallah; Arab Women’s Union of Ramallah; Greek Catholic School of Ramallah; Greek Orthodox School of Ramallah; Lutheran School of Hope; St. Joseph Sisters of Ramallah; Salvatorian Sisters – Qubeibah Aged Home; National Society of Visually Handicapped; Catholic Near East Welfare Association; Dalton State College Foundation; Evangelical Home for Children; Friends Boys and Girls School; Georgia Institute of Technology; Rosary Sisters of Beit Hanena; United Holy Land Fund; and, Rosary Sisters of Bethlehem.

“It is Mr. Azeez Shaheen who teaches us a lesson in citizenship, to be the righteous son of his beloved city,” said Mr. Musa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah. “He made a conscientious decision to put service over self by ensuring the wellbeing of Ramallah and its future growth.”

Hanna Hanania, DDS
American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine