Leadership Ramallah 2024 Applications are Now Open

Join us March 1st and March 2nd of 2024 in sunny San Diego, California for Leadership Ramallah (make this a hyperlink to Leadership Ramallah – American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (afrp.org))! This program is a vital and dynamic initiative designed to unite young Palestinian American adults from across the country. Leadership Ramallah is a two-day summit coinciding with the Federation’s Mid-Year Meeting—which is being held in San Diego, CA in 2024—offering a unique platform for cultural and leadership development. Participants engage in a series of meticulously crafted workshops focusing on leadership, advocacy, and cultural preservation. Leadership Ramallah is more than just a program; it’s a journey towards strengthening one’s Palestinian identity and forging deeper connections within the community. This initiative is open to young adults aged 21 and older, who are active members (with current paid membership status) of the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine (AFRP).

Leadership Ramallah provides personal development and leadership training to young adults to help them express their Palestinian Identity within their spheres of influence and find opportunities to engage with Palestinian organizations, including the Federation. The program consists of a two-day conference for adults between 20 and 30 years old. This is the first Federation program facilitated by program alumni along with field professionals.

Participant eligibility:

  • Between 20 and 30 years old
  • In good standing with the Federation (individual membership)
  • Availability to attend both Friday and Saturday of the conference

Applications are due by January 19th, 2024. For any questions, please contact Dillon Odeh at [email protected].

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