Senior Living Project

The New Senior Home in Ramallah

In most families, taking care of our elders is an honor. You want to do everything in your power to ensure they’re well taken care of and comfortable - this cannot be understated. That’s why the Ramallah Foundation, Inc. of New York is embarking on this monumental project to build a brand new, state-of-the-art, Senior Citizens Home. This will be the biggest project undertaken by the Foundation since their initial efforts in building the Ramallah Hospital in 1965.

A New Place to Call Home

Established in 1943 by a handful of Ramallah families who settled in the New York area, the Ramallah Foundation’s mission is to provide health, education and social services to the people of Ramallah and surrounding communities. The Foundation uses every dollar of its income for philanthropic services. When it began in 1943, every Ramallah clan contributed to the vision of the first hospital.


With the hired contractor breaking ground in October 2023, the new Senior Citizens Home will replace the outdated original Old Age Home donated by the Foundation in the 1970s and run today by the Arab Women’s Union of Ramallah. With 30,000 square feet, the new Home nearly triples the size of the current senior home and will have the capability of housing more than 50 residents with room for expansion as needed. There will be four floors including a basement.


Benefitting All of Ramallah

The new Home will provide a broad spectrum of services suited to the diverse needs and interests of seniors in one place, to help them stay healthy and independent. Initial costs to build and fully furnish the new Home is estimated at $5 million. “This project benefits all Ramallah people,” said John Joubran, President of the Ramallah Foundation Inc. “It’s our duty and responsibility to ensure that our elders who may not otherwise be able to afford any other place to live, have a safe, comfortable and convenient environment to call home.

The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine

Donations at all levels are being accepted now. Please send a check payable to the Ramallah Foundation Inc. and mail to:

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