Past Conventions

Step back in time and explore the legacy of our Annual Conventions. Uncover the diverse array of locations and the corresponding years that have played host to the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine's remarkable gatherings. 'Past Conventions' offers a visual journey of where we have celebrated our culture and unity.

City State Year
Chicago Illinois 2023
Detroit Michigan 2022
Jacksonville Florida 2021
Washington District of Columbia 2019
Ramallah City Palestine 2018
Houston Texas 2017
Cancun Mexico 2016
Chicago Illinois 2015
Ramallah City Palestine 2014
Detroit Michigan 2013
Orlando Florida 2012
Washington District of Columbia 2011
Cleveland Ohio 2010
San Francisco California 2009
Detroit Michigan 2008
Houston Texas 2007
Orlando Florida 2006
New York New York 2005
San Jose California 2004
Washington District of Columbia 2003
Chicago Illinois 2002
San Francisco California 2001
Orlando Florida 2000
Cleveland Ohio 1999
Houston Texas 1998
Detroit Michigan 1997
Birmingham Alabama 1996
Chicago Illinois 1995
Washington District of Columbia 1994
San Francisco California 1993
Knoxville Tennessee 1992
Jacksonville Florida 1991
San Jose California 1990
Houston Texas 1989
Hempstead New York 1988
San Diego California 1987
Chicago Illinois 1986
Knoxville Tennessee 1985
San Francisco California 1984
Detroit Michigan 1983
Washington District of Columbia 1982
Houston Texas 1981
Birmingham Alabama 1980
San Jose California 1979
Chicago Illinois 1978
Washington District of Columbia 1977
Great Gore New Jersey 1976
Detroit Michigan 1975
Houston Texas 1974
San Francisco California 1973
Birmingham Alabama 1972
Jacksonville Florida 1971
San Diego California 1970
Chicago Illinois 1969
Knoxville Tennessee 1968
Cleveland Ohio 1967
Washington District of Columbia 1966
San Francisco California 1965
New York New York 1964
Detroit Michigan 1963
Jacksonville Florida 1962
Birmingham Alabama 1961
Washington District of Columbia 1960
Detroit Michigan 1959


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