Ramallah Business Professionals Network (RBPN)

The Ramallah Business Professional Network (RBPN) was re-established in July 2017 to create a network of professionals and business entrepreneurs within the Ramallah community throughout the U.S. The program brings together talented individuals from various occupations to hone in professional development skills through training courses, group activities and networking events.

Senior and young professionals gather once a year to share knowledge and ideas, mentor, encourage and support innovation, as well as inspire other young professionals.  

This business professional network fosters creativity and skills building, leading to personal and professional growth – and provides a platform for future leaders of the AFRP and other organizations. Establishing a business professional network allows members of the Ramallah community to make contacts across the U.S.  which will assist them in gaining the support they need to find jobs, obtain career training, and develop on a personal and professional level. 

Ready to Make a Difference?

All contributions and donations help the AFRP make a real, substantial difference in our community. Donations are tax deductible and can be directed toward any of our beneficial programs.

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