The vision of the Women to Women Initiative is to directly impact the lives of women in Ramallah and their families by lending a helping hand in the form of monetary donations. These donations will personally aid Ramallah women with everyday basic needs and afford them with means to better themselves and provide for their families. The Federation supports the Ramallah community through different initiatives; however, this program is very specialized and meant to benefit individuals: a project for women, by women.

The idea for this program spurred from a conversation among a group of women at the Federation’s Convention in 2019. There was consensus among the group that women play an integral part of the quality of life of their families and that there are those in Ramallah who have financial burdens which inhibit them from achieving greater success. Women are the cornerstone of Palestinian culture, influencing every aspect of it from the food to how future generations see the world. We believe that supporting women is supporting the betterment of the Palestinian people.


The mission of the Women to Women Initiative is to remove roadblocks which hinder Ramallah women’s everyday lives. This support will inspire the women and their families to achieve their full potential, empowering them to flourish and, in turn, allowing the Ramallah community to be more prosperous. This will be accomplished by focusing on one specific project at a time with transparency to where all funds raised are allocated.

  • FIND: The Federation’s representative in Ramallah, Nijmeh Ganim and her Ramallah Committee propose potential projects to fund. Those interested are invited to submit a written application including the needs and requested budget. All projects are subject to vote and approval from the committee in the US.
  • FUND: To support Women to Women initiative we encourage you to become a member. Download and fill the membership form and send it to [email protected]. All members will be duly informed when projects are ready to launch and will receive reports on their progress. Other ways to become a member are filling a form at Mid-Year Meetings and Conventions or by contacting via email at [email protected]
    • Donations are always appreciated, especially when a project is launched, and they are tax-deductible.
    • Donations are accepted via credit card payments on the following link. Please make sure to specify in the notes that this donation is for the Women to Women initiative.
    • Alternatively, you can send a check payable to American Ramallah Federation Human Services Network (ARFHSN) and earmarked to Women to Women Initiative to ensure transparency. Checks should be mailed to the AFRP Office:

      American Federation of Ramallah Palestine (AFRP)
      27484 Ann Arbor Trail
      Westland, MI 48185

    • The committee will use the HSN and the AFRP structure for record keeping and transparency. The committee will audit the funds and share with all members the results of the fundraising efforts.
  • FACILITATE: All donations and disbursements will be well documented. Disbursement of funds will be done discreetly and with utmost respect to protect the privacy and dignity of the recipient.
    Projects will typically range between $500 – $5000.


The role of the committee is:

  • To find and approve new projects, raise donations and oversee the disbursements of funds while ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • The committee will recruit new members with the help of the representatives.
  • Keep all the members informed about the progress of each project.

The committee consists of five members:

Raeda Alley​ | [email protected] |​​ 501-831-5228

Hanan Jaghab​ ​| [email protected] | 248-982-5335

May Saba | [email protected] |​ 313-690-0209

Terry Ahwal | ​[email protected] |​ 734-306-7474

Nijmeh Ganim (Ramallah Liaison) | ​[email protected]


  • Women who would like to be representatives of this initiative in their community, city, region or state can do so by pledging a yearly donation of at least $100.
  • The role of representatives is to recruit new members and raise funds.
  • Download the representative form from this website, fill it and send it to [email protected]
  • The committee will reach out to you with more information after you submit your application.


  • Communication with all members will be done via email from [email protected]
  • Any committee member can also be reached on their personal email or phone number provided.