The Ramallah Cultural Preservation Project is an archive preservation initiative. The goal of the program is to preserve the Ramallah heritage for all generations to come. The project collects, digitalizes, and preserves historical from the original Ramallah family. In addition, they document the Ramallah story through interviews with members of the Ramallah community many of them migrants or first generation in the United States. The Ramallah Cultural Preservation project has already more than 90 interviews and many more photos posted on their website

How to get involved:

If you have old photos, please bring them to Federation Mid-Year Meetings, Conventions the committee will digitalize it for you.  If you prefer you can send them to George Harb at who will upload them on the program’s website and social media.

We want to hear your story! Please consider being part of the oral history project and let the committee record the story of you and your family.

To know more about the program and see the photos and videos please go to their website and follow them on social media!

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