Launched in 1997, students and young adults from various Ramallah communities throughout the U.S. partake in a two-week, full-immersion, hands-on program in Palestine, performing service-oriented projects from planting olive trees, to helping to build parks and play areas, to serving as camp counselors. To date, more than 250 young people have participated in this worthwhile project.

What is Project Hope?

The American Federation of Ramallah (AFRP), Palestine’s Project Hope program was established in 1997 by then AFRP President, Salem Mufarreh, as a means of furthering the federation’s four founding principles of charity, culture, education, and society—principles that have guided the AFRP’s coalition of clubs since 1958. Although the scope of Project Hope’s benevolent activities is both large and varied, the program has special emphases on two very different yet very crucial endeavors: (1) within the AFRP, it has developed and helped facilitate programs that benefit the AFRP’s young adult membership; and (2), it has solidified and mobilized volunteers from the professions (i.e., doctors, dentists, business people, lawyers, engineers, etc.) to provide care, support, and advice to the needy in the Palestine.

Project Hope operates under the umbrella of the AFRP’s Educational Fund and, like its parent, it is classed a 501(c)(3) charity, meaning that all donations of time, money, medicines and materials to Project Hope are tax deductible. Additional funding comes from the generous support of the AFRP membership, private donations, corporate sponsorship, and grants. The program has an immediate and ongoing need for volunteers, for donations of medicine and other medical supplies, and tax-deductible contributions to fund its humanitarian efforts abroad and its charitable work in the U.S.


The mission of the Ramallah Federation’s Project Hope is to link young adults with theCity of Ramallah and to awaken or cultivate the spirit of volunteerism within the community.

• To recruit 15 to 20 young men and women, ages 18-29
• Connect and train young people for leadership roles in the Ramallah Federation
• Train young people about the value of volunteerism
• Expose young people to their ancestral homeland
• Build awareness about the affects of occupation on Ramallah
• Provide exposure to the language and culture of their Homeland Objectives
• To have 15 to 20 young adults participate in this program for the purpose of learning and connecting with the community
• To participate in volunteer programs set by Project Hope and coordinated with the Ramallah Federation in Ramallah and various churches
• Visit refugee camps and learn about life as a refugee
• Visit community service institutions
• Visit educational institutions
• Have a joint program with volunteers from Ramallah
• Adopt a project such as “School painting” or nursing home painting
• Conduct a day forum with young people in Ramallah and discuss opportunities to work together after the visit
• Adopt a joint project to work on with your Ramallah Youth counterpart Project Hope Requirements
• Participants must be willing to travel for two weeks and participate in a volunteer and educational program in Ramallah
• Participants must abide with the schedule set by the Federation
• Participants must work on selected volunteer projects during their trip to Ramallah
• Participants must attend meetings set by sponsors and the Federation during the trip unless excused by the group leader
• Participants must stay with the delegation at all time unless permission is granted by group leader

Qualifications of Participants

• Must be 18-29 years old
• A High School graduate
• Active in community or church
• Have the desire to learn about the Ramallah Heritage
• willing and able to participate in programs set by the Federation
• Good communication skills
• Team player
• Punctual
• Attentive to details
• Good writing ability

Expectation from Participants

• Have a valid passport that expires AFTER December 2013
• Pay for your airfare in advance
• Work with coordinator on travel arrangements
• Respond promptly to communications
• Bring a journal that you will write in daily to be shared with the group and the
Ramallah Federation about your observations during the trip
• Be a leader and a team member
• Adhere to the rules set by Jessica and Natalie
• Work closely with the Federation and other participants on a post-assignment for Project Hope
• Be part of a speaking bureau to discuss your observations for at least one year