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The American Federation of Ramallah Palestine (AFRP) Medical Mission was formed in 2000 and falls under the Human Services Network – a nonprofit arm of the AFRP.

The goal of the Medical Mission is to support the healthcare system in Palestine. This is done by overseeing the management of clinics, providing the latest in medical technology and training and working to develop new medical departments and services at various hospitals and clinics in Palestine.

Our team of healthcare providers, who work under the AFRP Medical Mission, include members of the U.S. Ramallah community, those from within Palestine, various Arab Americans communities, as well as non-Arabs, who all volunteer their services. These healthcare providers have the same goal and dedication – to provide humanitarian healthcare services wherever its needed.

These volunteers not only donate their time, knowledge, and expertise, they pay for their own travel expenses and help pay for much-needed medical equipment and supplies. To help their efforts, they are committed to actively fundraising to support their cause.

Since its inception, the Medical Mission has made significant contributions in various fields of medicine and public health, from expanding its neurology services, emergency care, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular care, to eye Care, women’s health, dialysis, and telemedicine.

When in Palestine, these volunteers spend countless hours at the clinics throughout the Ramallah Medical Complex, seeing patients, performing surgery, training doctors on the latest surgical techniques, providing continuing medical education and helping to guide the residency programs. They are dedicated to elevating the medical standards of care in Palestine.

The Medical Mission is always looking for more volunteer healthcare providers and donors to make our goals a reality.

The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine

If you are interested in joining the Medical Mission on their trips to Palestine or would like to donate to this worthy program, please email [email protected] or call Kathy Harb at 734-425-1600.

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