Urgent Medical Crisis in Palestine

The AFRP’s Medical Mission and the Ramallah Foundation have been steadfast supporters of advancing healthcare in Palestine and in supporting the Ministry of Health and NGOs offering advanced services to Palestinians especially at a time of crises. A critical medical crisis is unfolding in Palestine, demanding immediate attention.

Recent developments in the last few days have resulted in thousands, including many children, women, and elderly being admitted to hospitals. Civilians in Gaza and in the West Bank are being killed and injured as we speak. We anticipate that the situation will deteriorate rapidly, with hospitals and health care facilities already operating at full capacity, and access to critical resources limited by the Israeli army. Severe shortages of essential medical supplies are anticipated. The need is immense, and the AFRP medical mission is committed to supporting medical establishments to provide medical services to those in need to save lives.

Our goal is to raise $350,000 for medical needs in Gaza and the West Bank. The AFRP’s Medical Mission urgently appeals to everyone to contribute generously to aid Palestinians affected by this crisis during this dire time.

The AFRP is currently in the process of helping Gaza and the West Bank by purchasing urgent medical supplies for emergency care. Thanks to your donations, the AFRP Medical Mission has been working with the Ministry of Health and doctors in Ramallah on purchasing necessary emergency medical supplies to treat the wounded as they arrive from Gaza. These supplies will help doctors in the West Bank provide critical emergency medical care to victims of Israel’s brutal attacks.

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