The goal of the Family Tree Project is to develop an accurate genealogy of the original Ramallah Clans and their descendants. This information will eventually be published in a book once sufficient new information is collected, helping the Ramallah Family continue our sense of identity and helping our children and their descendants understand our origins and how we relate to each other. This is a momentous effort that will evolve over time. Our goal is to update the information we have and for that we need YOUR help. If you would like your information in the Ramallah Family Tree Book to be accurate, up-to-date, and complete, please follow the steps below to gain access to the Family Tree.

What Clan Does My Family Belong To?

Find out which Ramallah clan your family belongs to by searching through the list of clans below:

  • Kassees Hanna Family
  • Shihadeh Abu-Khaskieh Family
  • Awwad El-Kub’a: Kash, Kashou, Az’at, & Shamali Families
  • Michael El-Safadi Family
  • Ayyoub El-Safadi Family
  • Eideh Family
  • Ibrahim Elias Salameh Saah Family
  • Salameh Suleiman Salameh Saah Family
  • El-Shayeb & Danfour Families
  • Mousa & Khalil Hadeed Families
  • Ibrahim Hishmeh Family
  • Mousa Khalil Hishmeh Family
  • Odeh El-Dibbini Family
  • Farhat & El-Bassal Families
  • Ghannam Jaghab Family
  • Salameh Mussallam & Issa El-Kareh Mussallam Families
  • El-Kar’a, Bazlamit & Da’dour Families
  • Muhawieh Family
  • Judeh El-Huli (Deabis Family)
  • Salameh El-Sidawi (Muhawi & Zarour Families)
  • Mikhail Mizirawi, Khalil & Ashhab Families
  • Odeh El-Salma: Balat, Kawwas & Suleiman Abu-Izhak Families
  • Abdel-Maseeh Mogannam
  • Nassar Mogannam
  • Elias Ghannam Totah
  • Yousef Ghannam Totah
  • Salameh Ibrahim Totah
  • Yacoub Shatara
  • Nazzal Family
  • Araj, Zaghrout & Shahla Families
  • Dr. Philip Assa’d Ma’louf Family
  • Mousa & Issa Abu-Ali Families
  • Farhat & Farah Families
  • Salameh El-Wawi Bateh, Naser El-Wawi, Salem Abu-Raas, Awwad El-Sheikh, Khalil El-Wawi Families
  • Yousef El-Bateh Family
  • Abu-Teen, Ghazaleh, Akel & Masri Families
  • Suleiman Akel & Kassees Ghanem Families
  • El-Thalji Family
  • Nisrallah, Daoud & Hanna Abu-Mansour Families
  • Salameh Abu-Rayya & Ayyash Families
  • Yacoub Ghanem Kandah Family
  • El-Hassan, Salah & El-Kamoun Families
  • Farhoud, Dirbas, Hanna Izhak & Hanania El-Ghanem Families
  • Abed Family
  • Khalil Misleh Jaghab (Jaber, Yacoub & Salem Families)
  • Suleiman Shukeireh and Mikhail El-Far Families
  • Khalil Misleh Abu-Jaghab
  • Issa Abu-Misleh
  • Salah Jaghab
  • Rizkallah Jaghab
  • Saleh Naser Abu-Nassar
  • Zaru Jaghab
  • Yacoub Khashan & Habeeb Families
  • Shaheen Jaghab
  • Issa Suleiman Ajlouni
  • Salem Yacoub Ajlouni
  • Kassees Awad & Kassees Jiries Families
  • Odeh Faramand & Atallah Taweel Families
  • Aneed & Sihweil Families
  • Ghanayiem Yousef El-Ghanem Family
  • Mashni & Fallaha Families
  • Mufarreh & Eways Families
  • Shunnara Family
  • Shunnara, Isis & Karawat Families
  • Rayyan, Ikal, Mubarak & Natour Families
  • Katsha & Sakhleh Families
  • Ibrahim Rafidi Family
  • Yousef Rafidi Family
  • Khalaf Family
  • Baba & Sa’adeh Families
  • Zayed Family
  • Zanayed & Nasra Families
  • Ghuneim & Karroush Families
  • Zeybak Family
  • Khawaja & Dahu Families
  • Atallah Abu-Sara & Bishara Families
  • Foteh El-Salti Family
  • Jiries Musatlaha Family
  • Daba’I, Ankar, & Ziadeh Warradeh Families
  • Abu-Hani Family
  • Loussi Family
  • Mousa & Daoud Harb
  • Yousef Harb
  • Issa Yousef Harb
  • Ahwal Family
  • Kassees & Butrous Families
  • Salem & Rashed Families
  • Hanna & Yacoub Shmieh (Finnad Family) & Warra’ Family
  • Issa Abu-Martha Family
  • Nassar Khalil Shamieh Family
  • Doughman Family
  • Sarsour & Ki’abini Families
  • Tawasha Family
  • Abu-Jiries and Badran Families
  • Jaber & Katwan Families
  • Kashou & Badra Families


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