The medical mission to Palestine,
Operating under the American Federation of the Ramallah people
In cooperation with physicians for Peace and at times NAMA, Is seeking help from and the cooperation with united Palestinian Appeal
This year the mission is launching an initiative that includes emergency medicine restructuring and training, the establishment of a vascular center and vein clinic working to reduce the rate of limb loss and chronic leg ulcers, and the establishment of a tele medicine consultancy center. In addition to the new initiatives we seek to continue our ongoing mission by providing specialty health care education and training to local health care providers in Palestine
Our mission is a non profit, purely humanitarian
Non sectarian and apolitical
We currently fund our mission by the generosity of our volunteers who to the most part fund their trips, through fund raising provided by the San Francisco Ramallah club, by donation from the American federation for the Ramallah People, by donations from equipment makers and drug companies, and by Physicians for Peace help with logistics and sponsorship of some volunteers who can’t afford to fund their trip.
We are in urgent need for a physical location initially in Ramallah close to the seat of government and in the future in every major population center in Palestine the center will need to be around 1500 to 2000 sq ft to include a waiting room, an office with a media room and two procedure rooms
This center will need communication equipment, vascular testing equipment, and vein colonic furnishings and supplies
The center will house the headquarters of the medical mission at large , the tele medicine center, the vascular testing lab and the vein treatment center.
Any help and cooperation from UPA will be greatly appreciated
any Input and ideas will also be appreciated
Looking forward to partner with UPA
In future missions

Rajai Khoury

To all my family and friends, please join us at the 3rd annual AFRP golf tournament on October 20th at the Palo Alto Hills golf and country club! A day filled with lots of contests, Golf, food, Drinks, and fun followed by a banquet being MC’d by our favorite KNBR Hooked on Golf host Mitch Juricich. We promise a night filled with lots of prizes, food and laughter, please join us and help donating towards the 3rd AFRP Medical Mission.
Thanks to all that have participated in the past years and generously contributing in making this event a successful and memorable. Plan your time and make arrangements early to secure your spot in this years Golf tournament, space is limited to only 120 golfer’s, if your are not a golfer you can join us at the banquet for dinner, laughter and awards honoring all of those who have participated in the day of golf along all of the Doctors that will be attending.
To also highlight the evening we will be having a live and silent auction for all that are interested in our locals sports items. All of the silent auction will be handeld by our local celebrity Jerry Walker from walker enterprises. Thank you again for all of your support in the past and the future.

The AFRP Medical Mission along with PFP Drs. is in its third year of helping people of Palestine. Last year we had Nine Doctors attend this event in Palestine headed by Bajis Katwan Medical Mission Coordinator, Dr. Rajai Khoury, Dr. Majed Hassan, Dr. Hanna Eadeh and Dr. Eid Mustafa from PFP. This year’s events brought in nineteen Doctors from all over the United States that are involved in this mission and heading to Palestine in June.
Many of the Drs. will be shipping many different Medical equipment while traveling to Palestine. Some of the items that will be shipped are:
20 All in one Computers for the use in all of the Hospitals visited
6 Istat Machines Donated by Abbott Lab, For the Use in the emergency Rooms.
Ophthalmoscopes, electrocardiograms, ultrasound machines among many others
10 suitcases of different equipment in order to provide for better Heart surgeries,
there will also be equipment for better orthopedic Surgeries.

AFRP/PFP Drs. Medical Mission 2014
Bajis Katwan, Medical Mission, Coordinator
Maha Zayed, Clinical Psychologist
Amal Jubran, Pulmonary/ Critical Care Medicine
James Jaber, Otolaryngology-Head&Neck Surgeon
Majed Hassan, Emergency Medicine
Hanna Eideh, Emergency Medicine
Donna Burns, RN, RDCS, RVT, RVS
Shuriz Hishmeh, Surgical Spine Care
Eid Mustafa, Plastic Surgeon
Nahala Khoury, PHD Pharmacy
Rajai Khoury, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sami Dughman, Orthopedic Surgeon
Tawfiq Khoury, ENT MD
Fayez Shamieh, Neurologist
Samer Shamieh, Spine Surgeon
Nefous Nabulsi, Pediatrician
Sari Nabulsi, Pediatrician
William Simonds, Endocrinologist
Fatima Khambaty, General/Laparoscopic Surgeon
Abier Abdelnaby, Colorectal Surgeon
Abdelghaffar Musa, GYN Oncologist
Walid Kandah, Emergency Medicine

Most Doctors will arrive in Ramallah on June 11, 2014. A final review meeting will occur at night. Exploring the possibilities of establishing a fully staffed office with the help of Saleem Zarou, will be discussed.

On June 12, 2014 they will start with Surgical Screening as well as make their rounds/lectures and bedside teaching. by certain specialties such as: Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care, Orthopedic Surgery, and Pediatric Medicine.

Work will be done in most of the major cities and visits to the smaller towns will be done. Just for example:
Dr. Khoury, will head over to Bethlehem and Hebron to operate and teach, with the Assistance of Dr. Bashir Marzoka, and will work on establishing a Vascular/Vein Clinic, in Ramallah and Bethlehem.

Dr. Eid Mustafa will operate in Nablus helping kids with Cleft Lip
Dr. Hassan, and Dr.Eadeh will travel to Bethlehem, Nablus, Hebron to teach and work with Emergency Room Doctors.
Of course all of the Doctors will be sharing their knowledge with their colleagues in theoretical and practical manners. The above is just to share with you some of the planned events.
They will also go to Nazareth to visit British and French hospitals

On June 21, day off for relaxation. All Drs. will be invited to attend the dinner at the Ramallah Convention.

We are volunteers dedicated to the improvement of the human condition by helping to improve the local health care delivery system. Our physician volunteers completely cover their own expenses and are dedicated to transfer their knowledge to local physicians and medical community, through active participation in the delivery of health care alongside the local medical community and through workshops and lecturing.

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Bajis Katwan
4804 Mission Street Suite 222
San Francisco,CA 94112