UNRWA Defunding Statement

The AFRP is troubled by the recent allegations about 12 UNRWA workers being involved in the October 7 attacks. UNRWA provides critical and life-saving aid to refugees in Gaza. The Biden administration’s decision to withhold UNRWA funding before the conclusion of an investigation into these allegations puts the lives of the 2.2 million Gazans who rely on this aid at great risk. On the 112th day of aggression against Gaza, Israel has banned the entry of insulin injections for children into Gaza, in addition to desperately needed food, water, and medical supplies. The suspension of this crucial aid is another blow to the Palestinians of Gaza. The US cannot collectively punish Gaza based on unproven Israeli allegations against 0.0004% of UNRWA’s staff. As Palestinian Americans, we call on the Biden administration in the strongest possible terms to allow UNRWA to continue their life-saving mission as this investigation progresses.

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