American Federation Ramallah, Palestine Condemns New Zealand Terrorist Act

As the largest Palestinian Arab American organization in the U.S., members of the American Federation of Ramallah (AFRP, are heartbroken and shocked at the barbaric act of terror against innocent people in their places of worship.

With sadness and shock, we stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand as they mourn their loved ones. We pray for the speedy recovery for those who were injured in this senseless terrorist act.

Our 44,000+ members extend their sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims. May God grant them the strength in this very difficult time.

To honor the victims of this terrorist acts, we urged our members to share the names and profiles of the victims on their social media and the Internet with the quote “say their names,” as a way to remind the world of the humanity of the victims. They are not just another number, but fellow brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, we stand together with others in fighting white supremacy, terrorism, bigotry and ideologically motivated hatred. Together, we can and must stop the violence and hate along with its advocates working to destroy our world.

We urge all, including our politicians, religious, business, and media leaders to be responsible in their words and deeds. We must denounce supremacy in all its forms and stop giving the perpetrators a forum to spread their vile hate.

As Americans, we demand our elected leaders and law enforcement agencies place white supremacy on their terror list. It is not enough to pray for the victims and condemn these terrorist acts, we must work together to prevent terrorism and hate spreading in our society. There should be no room in our world for Islamophobia!

As Palestinians who experienced the horrors of state terrorism, we understand the devastation and heartaches of the victims’ families. We stand by them and demand a change now!

We will continue to commit ourselves to fight injustice, inequality and hate. We stand with the people New Zealand and call for a stop in white supremacy.

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