American Federation Ramallah, Palestine Condemns Trumps Plan

The so called “deal of the century” ever since its inception has excluded Palestinian voices, focusing exclusively in Israel and its interests. The United States Administration has not been a good will broker, proving to be bias towards Israel’s plans of erasing Palestinians from the land.

This plan endorses Israel aggressions and blatant violation of human rights. Furthermore, it normalizes Israeli unrelenting violation of International law and UN resolutions. As the occupying power, Israel is forbidden by International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to forcefully transferring or deporting Palestinians from the occupied territories, or from transferring its own population into the territories it occupies militarily. Since the creation of the state of Israel there has been a systematic increase in the settlement development. This settlement expansion is not only a violation to International law, its a clear statement from the Israeli authorities of their lack of will to find a lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis

The Trump administration has shielded Israel with impunity at the UN and has embolden its elected officials to advance their plans of land grabbing, house demolition and arbitrary imprisonment of Palestinians. Israel denies refugees in Gaza and in camps throughout the Middle East access to basic rights such as water, shelter and medical attention. We demand that the international community and elected official in the United States reject this so-called “deal” and demand Israel to comply with International Humanitarian Law.

Palestinians request justice and restoration of their rights. The settler colonial occupation of Palestine has not undermined the determination of Palestinians to a life in peace. However, there is no lasting peace without justice and freedom. Given the current conditions, Palestinians and their allies can only resort to join the BDS movement to pressure Israel and the US to comply with International law.

A peace plan that doesn’t involve Palestinian voices is not a plan at all.

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