AFRP statement on Ukraine invasion

A Statement from the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine

WESTLAND, Michigan—March 22, 2022—On behalf of the members of the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (, we wholly condemn the unwarranted invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and as Palestinians living in the diaspora, we sympathize with the people of Ukraine for the pain and trauma they are enduring, as we know all too well the effects of a brutal invasion of one’s country.

The world has turned its attention to Ukraine and its tremendous human suffering. For Palestinians, the similarities are so apparent, such as the killing of innocent people—
especially children, overwhelming human suffering, devastating destruction, and massive civilian displacement. Palestinians know about the fear, anxiety, and trauma of a brutal invasion of their homeland and attempts to have their history erased.

The response of the international community and the media reporting has shown a stark contrast to how people under these similar occupations are portrayed. The world has turned a blind eye to the 74-year occupation of Palestine and the Media systematically has emphasized Ukrainian refugees’ civility and whiteness in contrast to Yemeni, Palestinian, Syrian, and other refugees in the Middle East who are stripped of their humanity.

We must not forget people all around the world fighting for justice, freedom, and independence. We, Palestinian Americans, stand by the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom and an independent country, and we hope that peace will prevail on all our lands.

About the AFRP: Located in Westland, Michigan, the AFRP ( was formed in 1952 to perpetuate and enhance the Palestinian traditions and culture to the descendants of the original inhabitants of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestine, living in diaspora throughout the United States.

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