AFRP Statement on Removal of Ilhan Omar from HFAC

The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine, is the largest Palestinian Christian American organization. It represents more than 44,000 people throughout the United States. We stand with Representative Ilhan Omar and condemn her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Representative Omar has been a champion of human rights, including the rights of Palestinian people, and has always advocated for the most vulnerable populations. To equate the criticism of the daily abuses conducted by Israel against the Palestinian people under its occupation to antisemitism is another form of weaponizing hate of the Palestinian people. In addition, it devalues the true fight against legitimate antisemitism. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all those engaged in the fight against true antisemitism.

The Representatives who voted to remove Representative Omar from her Foreign Affairs Committee assignment showed their disdain for the Palestinian people. They also showed their hypocrisy by scapegoating the only Black, Muslim, immigrant female on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Stifling anyone who dares to legitimately criticize the illegal acts of the state of Israel is against our American interest and our core constitutional rights.

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