AFRP Statement on Annexation

As members of the largest Palestinian American organization in the U.S., the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (AFRP) adamantly opposes Israel’s unilateral annexation of the West Bank territories that has been designated for a future state for Palestinians.

The AFRP, along with a growing number of former Israeli military, intelligence and diplomatic officials, is denouncing this Trump Administration-backed move and its inevitable risk to Israel’s security. We believe this action will further ignite an already tense environment in the region.

This expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is in violation of the principles of international law and several UN Resolutions, not to mention an unashamed breach of Palestinian human rights.

Furthermore, this brazen move contradicts our American values being emphasized today in cities across America to promote equality, freedom and the sanctity of human life.

This intentional move by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been recently flagged with several corruption charges, seeks to bolster his popularity as a hard-liner, at the expense of Israel’s potential international isolation.

The AFRP wholeheartedly supports human rights, equality and freedom for the Palestinian people and we condemn the annexation of Palestinian land and the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

We affirm the right of both the Palestinian people and Israelis to live in peace and security, and we endorse H.R.2407: “Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act” cosponsored by 24 Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Lastly, we call for an immediate end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem and we stand steadfastly in requesting U.S. military aid to Israel be stopped due to Israel’s long-time violations against human rights.

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