Hathehe Ramallah Magazine

The Magazine of the Ramallah Community

Serving the Ramallah community since 1952

Hathihe Ramallah Magazine was founded in 1952 by a group of Ramallah students attending Wayne State University in Detroit. It is a non-profit magazine published bi-monthly by its staff. The magazine is dedicated to showcasing the service of our Federation, local clubs, Ramallah institutions, and communities in the U.S.A., Palestine, and around the world.


History of Hathihe Ramallah magazine


In September 1952, six young men from the Ramallah community in Detroit, studying at Wayne State University, met for the purpose of creating and publishing a magazine. This magazine was intended to be a link between the many Ramallah communities in the United States and with their town of Ramallah, Palestine. It was named Hathihe Ramallah (This is Ramallah). It started as 12 pages in Arabic, with a circulation of 500 copies. Now, 62 years later, it is published in full color, on rich, glossy paper, with 28 pages in English and eight in Arabic and a circulation of more than 5,000 copies. During its first ten years of publication, the magazine initiated, supported and completed many projects that had a huge impact on the greater Ramallah community in both the United States and Ramallah. Those projects helped to unite, strengthen, and establish the Ramallah Community as the most visible and active Palestinian community in the United States.

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