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The American Federation of Ramallah Palestine is seeking:
• Motivated individuals with a desire to lead and have an impact
• Individuals with sense of purpose (personal vision / goals)
• Individuals with a confidence that they can make a difference (not arrogance)
• Assertive Individuals who have the willingness to assert themselves to compete
• Psychologically fit individuals who have insight about themselves and empathy towards others
• Centered participants who are able to control their emotional impulses (emotional intelligence)
• Candidates with energy and the stamina to work long hours

Gain insight into the philosophy and rewards for Leadership Ramallah and learn and apply principles that foster growth, love for community and commitment to service.

Session Topics:
Exploring bicultural identities
The Meaning of Leadership
Communication: Listening to All Voices
Finding Your Own Voice
Working Together

Guiding Principles:
• It’s a relationship building approach to leadership
• It’s about our character, not just our management style

Training Content:
Content will include speakers, discussion, self-assessments and interactive Team Activities

AFRP Leadership Conference
January 31, 2014 – February 2, 2014
Held in Jacksonville, Florida

For more information: Ken Harb (734) 764-1103 or kenharb@gmail.com