The Project Hope trip was a huge success and was enjoyed immensely by all who attend! We had 15 participants from the ages 18 through 27. Our mission takes young adults to Ramallah Palestine to experience the everyday life of the people who live there. We also participated in a work project at the Ramallah Recreation Center. The group cleaned up the grounds and prepared it for brick paving the yard. They had such a sense of accomplishment and pride when it was all done! The two group leaders, Kathy Harb from Detroit, Michigan and Reem Farah from Jacksonville, Florida enjoyed watching the group experience Ramallah for the first time and seeing the sense of “being home” on each and everyone of their faces.

Project Hope also attended many meeting with the Ramallah Municipality and other organizations for seminars and programs. They had three free days for visiting family and friends living in Ramallah. The participants experienced shopping in the old city as well as eating Rukab’s Ice Cream!

Project Hope visited Haifa, Akka, and Jaffa on one day trip and really bonded together as one big happy family …..They enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean and shopping in the local cities. During another trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem they visited the Holy sites and all the breathtaking architectures. While visiting the Jalazoun camp, we visited with two families and learned of their everyday living and hardships of occupation.

The evenings were spent in Ramallah enjoying the night- life and of course Sangria. We were greeted with hospitality and friendliness when walking through the streets of Ramallah and of course, the occasional “ what family are you from?” asked at almost every stop.

Among the other sites we visited: Birzeit University, The Mahmoud Darwish Museum, and The Yaser Arafat Museum our days were filled to the last minute. Lastly, Reem Farah and Kathy Harb would like to thank all the participants who attended Project Hope and express our sincere pride with each and every one of you! We miss you all so very much!