Mr. Naim Kawas - PRESIDENT 1965-196611.06.2010 – The Federation and the Ramallah Community extend our deepest condolences to the Kawwas family for the passing of our past president and Hathihe Ramallah Magazine Manager Mr. Naim Kawwas.

Naim served as president of AFRP in 1965-1966. As one of the pioneers of the Federation, Naim sought to coordinate activities among the various growing parts of the Federation. As a holder of past positions in the Federation, he brought with him a vast experience in its workings. He initiated the Mid-year Meetings of the Board of Directors and the representatives of the various clubs, in order to establish better lines of communication between the Federation components. He also followed up on the pledges made to the Educational Fund. A brochure about the scholarship program was prepared. He continued the Youth program and in 1965 the American Ramallah Youth Federation was founded. During his administration, a revision of the Ramallah census and the Ramallah Directory was completed.

+ May his memory be eternal +