The medical mission to Palestine, operating under the American Federation of the Ramallah people, in cooperation with physicians for Peace and at times NAMA, Is seeking help from and the cooperation with united Palestinian Appeal. This year the mission is launching an initiative that includes emergency medicine restructuring and training, the establishment of a vascular center and vein clinic working to reduce the rate of limb loss and chronic leg ulcers, and the establishment of a tele medicine consultancy center. In addition to the new initiatives we seek to continue our ongoing mission by providing specialty health care education and training to local health care providers in Palestine

Our mission is a non profit, purely humanitarian, non sectarian, and apolitical.
We currently fund our mission by the generosity of our volunteers who for the most part fund their trips through fund raising provided by the San Francisco Ramallah club, by donation from the American federation for the Ramallah People, by donations from equipment makers and drug companies, and by Physicians for Peace help with logistics and sponsorship of some volunteers who can’t afford to fund their trip.