1) To promote the involvement of the youth/young adults in AFRP committees and events such as Leadership Ramallah & the Youth Summit.

2) Recruit young professionals to join the Ramallah Business Professional Network, and help college graduate find jobs in the states.

3) Inform people on ways they can make a difference to the situation by state department visits (during the Youth Summit), and writing letters to your local congressmen & congresswomen.

4) Resolve to continue to work hard to change the hearts and minds of the American people and government to a more even-handed policy toward the Palestinian Israeli conflict and to support the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

5) Resolve to continue and expand project hope and cultural & educational programs to encourage visits to Palestine to witness the situation on the ground and the effect of the occupation on the freedom of movement on day to day living.

6) Resolve to thank the Houston community for their hard work in organizing an excellent convention.

7) Resolve to thank the family of Aziz Shaheen for their many and generous contributions to the advancement of the AFRP