Hello All,
We have great news!!!  We have extended our price deadline.
We have been negotiating with the resort to allow us to keep the price of $198 until January 21, 2106 and they have agreed.  So, if you haven’t registered on our website yet you can do so without paying any penalties.  Keep in mind this is an all-inclusive price.No hidden fees, taxes and gratitude are included.  If you cancel you will get a refund the only thing you will lose is a one night stay based on double occupancy which will be $396 per room booked.
Please visit our website www.Ramallahclubsf.com to book your rooms.  If you don’t want to pay on line attached please find a form that you can fill out and mail a check back to the San Francisco Ramallah Club at the address provided on the form.  There is also a letter attached that shows the different room scenarios for you and your family stay.  Take a look at it and if you have any question feel free to call Najwa at 650-491-9077, or Eman at 650-394-7718.
Feel free to forward this to all your family and friends.
San Francisco
Convention Committee