Ramallah Club of West Palm Beach – All 18 participants in the Essay Contest are winners. We congratulate them on their initiative, ability to write and willingness to compete. The rankings were as follows:


12/14 Age Group 15/17 Age Group 18/22 Age Group
First Place      Julianna Jajeh  Jordan Kurzum  Jalil Tadros
Second Place  Elias Tadros  Nadia Tadros  Simone Kurzum
Third Place           Nicholas Khalaf  Ramzi Kurzum  Andrew Ackel


The remaining participants, also winners of a monetary prize plus a certificate, are listed in alphabetical order;

  • Ajluni, Kevin
  • Bateh, Caroline
  • Ibrahim, Amal
  • Jajeh, Jacklyn
  • Koury, Megan
  • Misleh, Nicholas
  • Mufarreh, Andrea
  • Saba, Boulos
  • Sweilem, Joseph 

2013 Essay Contest Chairperson
John S. Joubran