Here you will find a diverse set of resources to be informed on the current events in Palestine, what can you do to help and at the same time, educational, cultural material to stay connected and learn about our rich cultural heritage.

  • August 23rd, 11:00 AM (EDT) and August 24th, 10:00 AM (EDT) Institute for Palestine Studies.The Jerusalem Uprising: Implications and Consequences. Register
  • August 24st, 2021 12:00 PM  (EDT) DCI Palestine. Webinar: Seven Years After Operation Protective Edge: Understanding the International Criminal Court Investigation.

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  • The hundred years’ war on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance, 1917-2017  —Rashid Khalidi
  • Blind Spot: America and the Palestinians, from Balfour to Trump- Khaled Elgindy
  • Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine- Noura Erekat Reporting from Ramallah: An Israeli Journalist in an Occupied Land – Amira Haas
  • When the Birds Stopped Singing: Life in Ramallah Under Siege  — Raja Shehadeh
  • Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation – Saree Makdisi
  • The question of Palestine – Edward Said
  • My Enemy, My Self—Yoam Binur
  • The General’s Son  – Miko Peled
  • The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine – Presentation from Rashid Khalidi on May 27th

Arab Center Washington DC – Institute for Palestinian Studies. The Threat of Israeli Annexation: Regional and International Implications.”(recording)