The olive tree is a symbol of pride and existence to all Palestinians. The Greening Project provides an opportunity for Ramallah people living throughout the U.S., to plant a tree in memory or in honor of a loved one, as a way to replace the thousands of trees destroyed because of the occupation. Planting trees promotes a greener, safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly Ramallah. This project allows interested parties to adopt a tree or plant one as a way to help Ramallah expand its parks and green spaces.

Honor a loved one…. show your solidarity with Palestine and Ramallah ….

Plant a Tree

By planting a tree of life in the City of Ramallah. You can become part of a green and bright vision for the city of by giving them the opportunity to plant a tree in your name or a name of your loved one you can leave a legacy in your Ramallah ancestral homeland.

Join the city of Ramallah in making Ramallah more green, safe, clean and environmentally friendly by planting a tree in your name, or in memory of your loved one or in honor of someone you love. You can make a difference in the greening of Ramallah by simply adopting a tree, plant or help the city with its mission of expanding and building more parks and more green spaces.


  •  Replenishes trees that were destroyed by the Israeli army, settlers and the Wall.
  • Protects the land from further Israeli confiscation policy.
  • Offsets carbon dioxide. Each tree planted helps to offset your environmental impact by consuming carbon dioxide.
  • Supplies oxygen for human survival. Two trees supply enough oxygen for the survival of one person.
  • Ensures that Ramallah will once again be green, and is the “Bride of Palestine”
  • Fights Israeli misinformation that only it has “turned the desert green”.
  • Preserves the environment and the beauty of nature.
  • Protects the land from erosion.