Make an investment in the future generation of our federation

An Endowment Fund is a trust fund usually established by universities, churches, and charitable organization to provide a steady and stable source of income for their scholarships, charitable work or operation. Only the income of the fund is spent while preserving the capital. The Federation’s Scholarship Fund is a prime example of such a fund.

“It matters when people with great hearts give to make the path easier for others. It matters when people work to understand the needs confronting our community and decide to make a difference, Giving matters.”

Why does our federation need an Endowment Fund?

The Federation needs a steady and stable income to finance its year to year administrative, charitable, educational and community activities. The fund is also needed in order to expand and improve our services to the clubs and the Ramallah communities in the United States and abroad. Our main source of income has been Federation share of convention since its inception in 1959. We need the Endowment Fund so the Federation can support its programs without depending on the fluctuating income from the conventions.

What we need is a commitment of 250 people of $500 a year for the next three years. This added to the existing $725,000 would give us a total of $1,000,000 dollars. This goal is achievable in our Ramallah communities throughout the United States. Please make your commitment to ensure the perpetuity and the existence of our federation to our children and grand children.

Make your check payable to the ARF Charitable fund. Your contribution is tax deductible under Section 501 {c}{3} of the IRS tax code.