Working Hard to Achieve My Goals

By Nadir Ajluni (17) – son of Emeel & Elizabeth Ajluni

As an Arab American growing up in society today, my family has always stressed the importance of having a plan in order to achieve goals. I’ve also learned, by observing and talking to many of the elderly in our community, the significance of hard work and dedication. I’ve narrowed my goals down to the two I feel are most important to me in being successful and happy with my life. They are attending Michigan State University in the fall of 2011 and entering the field of prosthetics.

Attending Michigan State University has always been a dream of mine. Therefore, when I entered high school I knew that now was the time to work hard in school in order to be able to enroll into the college of my choice. MSU is a very prestigious school in my area and it is very difficult to get accepted there. For the past 3 years I have been diligently striving as a student to pass all of my classes with high marks. Many of my peers still do not know the importance of hard work to achieve goals and how each step leads to something better. This is why I was blessed to be in the family that I am in because my grandparents have experienced coming over into a new country where they had to start their entire life over. They struggled to make a living at first and it was very hard to learn a new language but they were determined to do it because they knew that in doing so their kids would have an improved quality of life. Because of this, I have seen firsthand how when you work hard at a young age it pays off for you in the end. This is why I will continue to strive for excellence in high school in order to reach that next step in my life, which is college.

After Michigan State University I plan on attending Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Here is where I’ll finish my school and begin my internship in the Prosthetic field. I chose this area of work because I feel that not many people are educated about it and I feel it is something with many benefits. Thousands of people around America have been unfortunate and lost limbs or weren’t born with full functioning ones. This is a growing problem in America today. I feel that these types of people shouldn’t be punished because of their unfortunate circumstances, thus I will be able to provide them with replacements limbs in order for them to live their life how they intended to.

Although I am still young, I am planning for the future in order to live a happy successful life and achieve my goals. The knowledge and values I’ve acquired from my family over the years will serve as the base of my future because it provides me with the tools I need to become prosperous.