AFRP Leadership Ramallah

February 27, 2015 – March 1, 2015

Applications may be e-mailed to

The American Federation of Ramallah Palestine is Seeking:

  • Motivated individuals with a desire to lead and have an impact
  • Individuals with sense of purpose (personal vision / goals)
  • Individuals with a confidence that they can make a difference (not arrogance)
  • Assertive Individuals who have the willingness to assert themselves to compete
  • Psychologically fit individuals who have insight about themselves and empathy towards others
  • Centered participants who are able to control their emotional impulses

Only 18 Candidates Will Be Selected:

  • You must fill out an application to be selected to participate
  • Ideal candidate is post-college


Gain insight into the philosophy and rewards for Leadership Ramallah and learn and apply principles that foster growth, love for community and commitment to service.


Session Topics:

  • Exploring bicultural identities
  • The Meaning of Leadership
  • Communication:  Listening to All Voices
  • Finding Your Own Voice
  • Working Together


Guiding Principles:

  • It’s a relationship building approach to leadership
  • It’s about our character, not just our management style


Training Content:
Content will include speakers, discussion, self-assessments and interactive Team Activities

Visit for complete rules and application form. Turn in Applications As Soon As Possible.


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