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Turath Ramallah, 2nd Edition

By Bahieh khalil

Old songs of Ramallah for weddings, engagements, debke, and zaffeh. Arabic

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Pictorial History of Ramallah, Part II

By Dr. Naseeb Shaheen
385 pages, 675 pictures going back to the 1870’s. Your fathers’, grandfathers’. or great grandfathers’ picture may be in it.
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Sahtein – Middle East Cookbook

Every new bride should have this book. It contains all your favorite Arabic recipes and our Ramallah cooking.
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Daughters – Consuelo Saah Baehr

Consuelo Saah Baehr published a book entitled “Daughters” which is a historical family sage set in turn of the century Ramallah.  It was loosely based on the lives of her paternal grandparents Farida and Mousa Saah.

A little background on Ms. Baehr: Her paternal grandparents were Mousa and Farida Saah of Ramallah whose five boys and two girls relocated to Washington D.C. where they lived long and fruitful lives.  The eldest boy, Farid was her father.  He and his brother Charlie ran the elite department store, Jean Matou, on the corner of Connecticut and M (in Washington, D.C.) for many years.  Ultimately they had branches in Bethesda and in the area around Dupont Circle.  She attended George Washington University and moved to New York to pursue a writing career.  Subsequently, she married and had three children.  When she wrote Daughters, she received some lovely letters from some of the teachers at the Friends school.
Currently Ms. Baehr lives in East Hampton, New York.   She is thrilled to have the opportunity to publish Daughters as an e-book now that the audience for fiction about Palestine has grown larger.  She believes that the book allows a large population to become familiar with the area without the blur of politics.
Her book is is available on the Kindle and all the reading platforms for $1.99.    http://tinyurl.com/2arm84l
The book received excellent reviews and was translated into several languages; below are several reviews:
No fiction that I have read has illuminated the nation that was Palestine through the medium of the family saga … as does this absorbing novel.  Like a landscape painter, Baehr skillfully paints the background and it becomes a palpable experience.  I for one long to know what has happened to the village and its families in the last forty years.  Washington Post Book World
“Engrossing…the story Baehr tells touches so deeply one is tempted to reread each page.”  Chicago Tribune
“A tapestry of complex fully-developed characters whose lives are filled with challenges and struggles.”  Chicago Sun Times
“Sweeping, uncommonly stirring!”  Publishers Weekly

Please support Ms. Baehr and check out her book.
What Americans need to know about the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict


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